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Artist who decorated her parents CT scan reports

Corona virus has hit us like a direct hit by a big canon in the face and people are suffering in every part of the world from it. Every news is bursting with positive cases on a daily basis and the saddest part is the number of increasing deaths.


But many of us have not to choose to give up and fought with this virus and successfully recovered. This article is about a remarkable artist who and her family recently recovered from covid - 19. Meet our superwoman Jaipur’s famous artist Dr. Aditi Agarwal also popular as feather artist.

Recently, she got to know that she and her family have infected by covid – 19. After checking their oxygen level Aditi went for a CT scan of her parents, reports came. Aditi’s father Mr. Ajay Agarwal’s lungs were normal, but sadly her mother’s lungs were 50% infected. And that was the most terrifying thing happened to her.

For any daughter or son this could be the worst thing to know about their parents and most of us don't really understand at that time what really we should do as this virus and situations are very critical to everyone. But Aditi did the right thing, she called her school buddy Dr. Rajpal Singh and with his medical guidance she gave the proper medication and took the right treatment for her mother. She started proning and breathing exercise. And on the 4th day her mother's fever went down and after 7 days her mother’s oxygen level became normal and later she came out of that serious situation. Fortunately, now she and her family reports also came negative.

Aditi is known for her remarkable artistic skills so as an artist, her imaginative mind made her to sketch on her parents CT scan reports and that's how she expressed her feeling about the whole scenario which happed with her in previous days.

Aditi has started cycling tours from last year to stay fit and she has made up to 72 Kms once. She has an advice for all: “Listen to the doctors and take proper medication instead of doing it all by yourself. Do breathing exercises take proper protein diet and most important be happy, whether you are recovered or not even got infected, please wear mask & sanitize hands, don’t be careless you can get infected again.”


Since this pandemic is taking many things from us. We are trying to bring us worthy and earnest stories to you. You can subscribe us and visit our ‘coffee and art’ section for more artistic personality’s stories from Pixodek blogs.

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