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How it works?

In just 5 steps we finish every project. We have created a process below for your understanding and what you going to expect from us.

Step 1 ↓

Working From Home

Placing Order

To Proceed, Start an order on our website. This will provide you with an order number that we can use to describe your products when they reach us.
“Placing an order” will provide your shipping details while also placing your project details in our data system. We do not ask any payment for that so there is no disadvantage if you choose not to move forward with your order.
Payment details will be sent after discussing the details of your project with you.

Check your email

After discussing all the details we will send you an email with details of task and a unique order number used to identify throught the process plus shipping instructions.

Step 2 ↓

Cardboard Box

Package Shipping

We make an arrangement so you can transport your products to our nearest studio. Pack each item securely so they don’t get damaged in shipment. With your order number we let you know when your products arrive.

Studio receive your product

We tally each item that arrived and inform you with a confirmation.

Step 3 ↓

Office Meeting

Collab with Team

Our Team will work with you to create a checklist describing each product in your project. After your shot list is finalized, you’ll receive a detailed price quote with a link to submit payment. Once payment is received, your project will proceed for the further production.

Step 4 ↓


We begin photographing/videographing your products. All supervision under Creative team and You.

Step 5 ↓

Data Cloud

Rapid delivery

After finishing with your project we upload them in a private online gallery where you can view and download them immediately. We ensure you’re happy with the work or need any necessary changes or edits.

Product returning

We keep your products until the final submission due to color corrections or any other issue. Once we finish with the task. Products will be shipped back to you.

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